Give it 15 today

The real beauty of Give it 15 is that it can be applied to pretty much anything and everything - from being super productive and getting stuff done to tuning into what makes you happy and carving out the time and space to do more of those things for you.

No wrong answers. Endless possibilities.

Practice time. Let’s do this!

Pick one of these as a starting point:

  • Something that makes you smile ear to ear

  • Something that you are crazy excited to do

  • Something that you want to do again/consistently

  • Something that when you do it makes you feel super accomplished

  • Something that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t started yet

Now define what that something is and why it’s important to you. Got it? Cool.

today give it blank.png

Here we go, fill in the blank style.

Today, I am going to give (insert thing from above) 15 minutes.

So that could look like this: “something that you want to do again/consistently” is foam rolling because you know it will make your legs feel better tomorrow. Voila!

Today, I am going to give foam rolling 15 minutes.

Now go Give it 15 minutes. Set a timer. Foam roll. Feel great.

It’s that simple.

Sometimes we need some inspiration or reference points to know just where to begin. Look no further! Here are 15 different ways that you can get more out of 15 minutes today.