Meet Our Maker

Give it 15 was created by Marissa Yennie (yogi on the right) as a way to bring her dreams/ideas/desires to life through real, practical action.

Because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, right? Struck by an amazing idea and thinking, “Whoa, yes this is the one!” only to never do anything about it?

An avid reader and knowledge-seeker, Marissa turned to the experts of the numerous productivity, self-help and habit-forming hacks, books, and blogs to find lots of insights but not a lot of action.

From this place of not quite sure just HOW to make anything happen, Marissa had an idea, “What if every day, I committed to creating and making my idea happen for just, like, 15 minutes? What would that look like?”

Whoa buddy - mondo super awesome.

You, too, can reference the research of those aforementioned experts to understand why consistent, dedicated time, energy and attention to one thing every single day can add up to huge results. Or you can take our word for it and jump right in to Give it 15 today.

Give it 15  founder Marissa yoga-ing on the beach
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We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to see how Give it 15 can help you create the life you want.