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digital package

A self-guided digital package for you to go through at your own-pace.

Decide to Go it Alone and you’ll have the following to guide you:

  • 30 days of emails daily strategies, tips, tools & resources, and inspiration (starting April 1st)

  • Weekly coaching videos

  • A comprehensive workbook to put the work into practice through 15-minute exercises/activities

  • An action plan template for you to use your way

  • Virtual weekly snack-size coaching from yours truly (I just love snacks!)

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Daily Live Program + Community

Showing up is half the battle. This LIVE program features 30-days of new content, exercises and community engagement.

When you commit to Do it Together, you will get:

  • Daily emails packed with inspiration, tips and reminders

  • Access to an exclusive platform with fresh daily content including videos and activities showcasing carefully curated strategies, tips, tools and resources

  • Coaching and support including a dose of the tough-love variety

  • Weekly live question and answer sessions

  • A comprehensive guide specially designed with you in mind

  • Two 15-minute private coaching sessions with me

  • Membership in a dynamic community going through the process right along with you

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1-on-1 Coaching

Enhance your efforts over 30 days by working with me directly.

Going Full on Accountable means you get:

  • Everything included in the Do it Together Program

  • 4 half-hour personal coaching sessions (1 per week)

  • Step by step guidance on your Unf*ck Action Plan - from creation to implementation

  • Above and beyond accountability including daily check-ins

  • Follow-up correspondence up to two months after the program

    *Limited to 20 people to optimize full experience