create your daily give it 15 practice


It all STARTS when…

You start. And it’s awesome to begin right where you are.

It’s said that we are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, the things that we choose to give our time, energy and attention to, consistently and repeatedly, shape who we are and who we want to be.

Taking small steps - like in 15 minute chunks - can turn into new habits and new habits create the life you want to live. You can create anything you want - you just have to start.

Here is an awesome tool to help you get started!

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Give it 15 Habit Tracker

Cultivate a daily Give it 15 practice with this easy accountability tool that will help you notice what you give your time and energy to

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    Once you identify what it is that you want to Give 15 minutes to, start today.

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    Set a timer. Do that thing. And then hold yourself accountable by using this habit tracking tool.

    For the first week, notice how often you take action 15 minutes at a time. It could be one thing repeatedly or many different things just a couple of times. You could have one line listing what you want to do or maybe you fill all eight lines with things you’re committing your time and energy to.

    If there’s something that really worked and excites you to continue doing, maybe you strive to do that one thing 3 days the next week. Reflect again. And then maybe the following week, when you are super into your Give it 15 practice, try to increase the frequency. Perhaps aim for cultivating a Give it 15 practice for 3-days in a row. Start small. Build up. Keep making progress - your way.

    The most important thing to remember here is to try, adjust and do what works for you. Habit tracking can be super beneficial in holding you accountable when you get started and as you continue to make daily progress - go you!