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Stop Saying. Start Doing.

Figure out how to get out of your own way and on to more important things


Get the Strategies, Tools & Motivation You Need to Kickstart the Life You WAnt

You’re not Where You want to be

Do you ever feel like everyone else around you is crushing life and doing awesome shit and you’re just like, not? (Thank you social media for this daily reminder).

Or maybe you’re like me and feel antsy about not knowing what’s next or unfulfilled with what you’re doing now. You’re confused and overwhelmed and uncertain about what you should be doing — but haven’t yet figured out how to get out of your own stuck. 


There is so much that we want to do. We know we are capable. We know we have it in us but yet we do nothing. We stay stuck. Wallowing in indecision and inaction. So stuck that we don’t know what to do next and we just can’t even anymore.

I’ve got a feeling that since you’re here reading this, that you’re ready to change all that. 

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Make it happen

Take control of your life. Whether you’re totally overwhelmed, stressed or unsure of what’s next – you have what it takes to show up, put in the work and make sh*t happen.


sometimes stuck sucks

We all get a little stuck sometimes. That’s part of life. The ups. The downs. Key thing to remember is that we don’t have to stay stuck.

It is really hard to take an honest, non-judgmental inventory of where you are and why you landed there. It’s tough work which is why most of us just stay stuck. Because even though things feel icky now – in the form of stress, uncomfortable emotions, uncertainty and more – we inherently try to protect ourselves from plunging deeper into the ick.  

However, staying stuck is keeping so many of us from really living the fullest, biggest, awesomest lives that we want to live.

Getting Unstuck – in any aspect – can have a profound impact on your life

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I know this first-hand. I recently reached a point where I was so effing tired and fed up with my own inaction while watching other people do cool shit. I became no longer willing to let those not-so-awesome feelings of self-doubt, guilt and fear run my life anymore.  

I realized that it doesn’t matter what I haven’t been doing. I can let that shit haunt my thoughts. I can let guilt chase me back to a stuck-hole. Or I can let it go and start where I am now. Today.  

That’s why I feel super compelled to share my experience and expertise so that I can help other people (perhaps like you) that are stuck and ready to get the f*ck out.


it starts with you

Aside from all of the politically correct reasons… I asterisked the U in Unf*ck because I truly believe that it’s U – YOU – and only you that you can get yourself unstuck.

So if you’re waiting for another person, a perfect situation or a bit of luck to hop into that spot where U is waiting, then this might be your wake up call.

All YOU have to do is show the f*ck up.

here’s What You’ll Get out of the Unf*ck Your Stuck program


You will get really clear on what actually matters to you by figuring out who you are and how you’re showing up while honing in on what you want and what you don't.


You will find ways to overcome all of the things standing in your way while you learn how to spark your motivation to go from inaction to daily forward progress.


You will show up - daily - and be given the support and inspiration you crave from an awesome coach and community of others going through the same process.

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Through this 30-day program, you will learn clear, doable steps that you can use right now to:

  • Identify who you are, where you’re at and what to focus on to get you where you want to go

  • Overcome the overwhelm, stress, fear and doubt (plus all of the other reasons) that keeps most people stuck

  • Unlock your purpose and potential and unleash it into the world

Just imagine what it could feel like to wake up every day excited and knowing exactly what you want to do.

this program is for you IF…

You are stuck in the following thoughts:

What the hell am I doing with my life?

Why don’t I do the things I say I want to do?

I just don’t know.

I’m feeling unclear.

How do I decide where I want to go?

Is this the right thing?

Nothing makes sense.

What am I supposed to do next?

How come I can’t stick with anything?

What should I be doing?

I want to do a few different things, but don't know where to start.

Is it even worth it?

Why me?

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Get STarted Now

If nothing was holding you back, what Could you do? 

Choose the Plan That Works Best For You

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digital package

A self-guided digital package for you to go through at your own-pace.

Decide to Go it Alone and you’ll have the following to guide you:

  • 30 days of emails daily strategies, tips, tools & resources, and inspiration (starting April 1st)

  • Weekly coaching videos

  • A comprehensive workbook to put the work into practice through 15-minute exercises/activities

  • An action plan template for you to use your way

  • Virtual weekly snack-size coaching from yours truly (I just love snacks!)

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Daily Live Program + Community

Showing up is half the battle. This LIVE program features 30-days of new content, exercises and community engagement.

When you commit to Do it Together, you will get:

  • Daily emails packed with inspiration, tips and reminders

  • Access to an exclusive platform with fresh daily content including videos and activities showcasing carefully curated strategies, tips, tools and resources

  • Coaching and support including a dose of the tough-love variety

  • Weekly live question and answer sessions

  • A comprehensive guide specially designed with you in mind

  • Two 15-minute private coaching sessions with me

  • Membership in a dynamic community going through the process right along with you

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1-on-1 Coaching

Enhance your efforts over 30 days by working with me directly.

Going Full on Accountable means you get:

  • Everything included in the Do it Together Program

  • 4 half-hour personal coaching sessions (1 per week)

  • Step by step guidance on your Unf*ck Action Plan - from creation to implementation

  • Above and beyond accountability including daily check-ins

  • Follow-up correspondence up to two months after the program

    *Limited to 20 people to optimize full experience

Here’s the Timing of the 30 Days to Unf*Ck Your Stuck Program

Enrollment is only open through 7pm MT on Friday, March 22nd, 2019.

Then the fun begins when the LIVE program kicks off on Monday, April 1st (no fooling!)

Why the limited offer? I want to ensure that I can provide everyone in the community the best support and coaching possible, which is why enrollment will be capped for both the Do it Together and Full on Accountable programs.

In this program, I’m going to introduce you to the best IOU that you will ever write. Because you owe it to yourself – now and in the future – to unf*ck your stuck.

And this is how it will unfold over the 30 days.  

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Meet Your Unf*Ckwithable coach

I’m Marissa

If you haven’t caught on to that sassy fitness-instructor vibe yet – surprise! This is me, your coach through this process.

When I see people in one of my classes starting to hang their head, ready to give in and stop pushing, I remind them: Yes you can. Because oftentimes, that’s what we need to hear. We are capable. We are resilient. We can do whatever we set our minds to. It’s all about attitude.

If you want something badly enough and believe in it strongly enough, then we can make it happen.

I’m here to help you. Not to tell you what you’re supposed to do. But to help you find out what you want to do and then hold your feet to the flame to remind you of what that is, why you’re doing it and help you get to where you want to be.

Why me?

I’ve been stuck. So many times. I know what it feels like. And I know how to move from inaction and indecision to making shit happen. That’s what I’m going to share with you. To help you create the life you want - one step out of stuck at a time.