Friday 15: Volume 2


Check out some interesting reads and cool products that we came across this week. Since it is full on holiday season, try to stay present and enjoy every moment with family and friends. Also, make sure to Give it 15 minutes a day to do something for you.


Rejoice! Mercury Retrograde is over, so now it's time to do some serious reflection (from Hello Giggles) Sure, it’s a busy time of year to go out and be with others. But it is also the greatest opportunity to take the time to go in to spend time reflecting. Right now is an ideal time to clarify intentions and feelings and to get really clear about what we really want. Use Give it 15 to bring focus your intentions and give energy to things that really matter to you.

4 Things Successful People Do In The Last 15 Minutes Of Their Workday (via Girlboss) How you end your workday is just as important as how you start. Check out these tips for setting yourself up for success in the way you wrap-up you rday from Girlboss.


The Mindful Strategist (from the Mindful Series) Journaling can be a really powerful way to reflect on your daily life, connect to your intentions and stay in-touch with your goals. This new planner offers in-depth prompts to help you unlock your inner thoughts.

Carry On Cocktail (from w&p) A great stocking stuffer for travelers (or yourself as you journey this holiday season).


Friday 15 - vol2.png

Write it. Give it 15 minutes to handwrite a note to a friend or family member letting them know you appreciate them. As you take the time to really consider how much someone means to you, you’ll realize how much joy this one gesture can bring to the recipient. Spread a little extra love starting with the people most important to you. We love these these hand-crafted cards and holiday tags from Paper Plates Press in Denver.

Rethink what a holiday card looks like. Nowadays with social media, this one gesture of sending out holiday cards this time of year doesn’t seem as impactful of an avenue for filling people in on what you’ve been up to (since they’ve probably already been following your Insta stories). But what if you did it your way? Maybe make it less about the seasonal photo of you next to a “seasons greetings” graphic or a stock card with just your signature. Instead, come up with your own way to connect with others. Use an e-card to share a couple of photos and snippets of the most interesting things that you did this year; the most exciting trip you took; your biggest milestone. Include a playlist of your favorite songs from 2018 (Spotify can easily help you out here). Write a poem about what the year meant to you. Share a piece of art that you’re proud of. Whatever your creative expression, take the opportunity to share a bit of yourself with the people that matter most to you this year.

Enjoy your weekend!

Marissa Yennie