Friday 15: Volume 1

Happy Friday!

We’re excited to share a weekly round-up of things - from interesting reads and cool products to practices, challenges and stories from the community (and more!) - that we hope will inspire and motivate you to do more of what you want as you choose how you Give it 15 every day.

interesting reads

How to Find New Friends that Are Truly On Your Level (via girlboss) Do you have different friends that you reach out to for the various things you want to do? Like the brunch friend, the concert friend or the fitness friend? It’s great to have lots of different people in your life that share your likes and interests. But who can you call for support, to ask for things you need or talk to about your goals/aspirations or the deeper stuff?

This Happiness-Boosting Habit Might Even Beat Gratitude When is the last time you told someone that you appreciate them and why?

10 Best Books of 2018 (from Vogue UK) A read about what to read!

cool products

Smart Garden If you love the idea of growing fresh herbs year-round, this is a really simple way to get started.

Make Sh*t Happen 2019 Planner For all you goal-getters that love writing stuff down and keeping track of everything all in one place, check out this inspirational planner from Meraki.

Give it 15 stories

“My boyfriend and I are headed to France over the Christmas break for a wedding. He speaks French and grew up with grandmother as a French teacher so I want to learn how to at least speak a little bit to use it while I’m there. I’m using Duolingo to learn French 15 minutes every day.” - Moira

“I know it sounds random but my dogs are crazy and I want to take fifteen minutes every day for the next month before I move to train them.” - Nicole


Friday 15 vol. 1

Plan it. Give it 15 minutes to research what’s happening in your city this weekend. It’s the season of local markets and ice skating, fun holiday pop-ups and parties and celebrations. What sounds exciting to you? Reach out to a friend and make a plan to go check something out together.

Switch Saturday and Sunday activities. What if you spent your Saturday doing all of the typical Sunday things (like tidying up your house/apartment, running errands, planning groceries and meals for the week, etc.) thereby freeing up your Sunday do what you really want? Could the weekend feel more full, productive and enjoyable just by switching what you do things?

Move as you meditate. A new take on mindfulness, try a moving meditation with a guided walk from Headspace.

Have a great weekend!

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