5 Vacation Mindsets to Incorporate Into Daily Life


Coming back to reality after a vacation can be a real shock to the system. One week, you’re living your best beach life, waking up when you want, drinking Bloody Mary’s in the early afternoon, and doing absolutely nothing until you feel like doing something.

Contrast that with a super scheduled day-to-day routine full of lots of coffee, commuting, appointments, the work grind, fitting in a workout, needing to feed yourself, and more.

But no matter how many days you spend “on vacation” each year, you know the feeling of getting away, exploring, relaxing.

Here are some vacation mindsets that you can adopt and incorporate into your life.

  1. Be in the moment.

    Way easier said than done. It always just seems like when you’re on vacation, whatever is next doesn’t seem to have as much urgency. So each thing you’re doing takes your full attention with little concern for timing of the next thing.

    Even with all that’s going on day-to-day, try to commit some time to really giving your full focus to the things you’re doing. Give It 15 Minutes to start to cultivate a practice of being present in your activities.

  2. Find flexibility.

    Again, a lot of vacation time is spent flying by the seat of our pants, diving into various things based on our level of interest at the time. “Shoot, it’s raining on the beach - no problem, we’ll do this indoor thing instead.” We tend to give ourselves a lot more leeway and less rigidity in our schedules when we’re on vacation.

    Bring this flexibility to your weekdays by staying open to options that pop-up. Brought your lunch but someone from your team asked if you’d like to go grab something with them? Cool! Maybe you go this time. It’s not about distracting you from what’s important but instead holding space for things you’re interested in doing when spontaneous occurrences arise. It may not happen every day but the more you flex your flexibility muscles, the stronger they become over time.

  3. Prioritize Quality.

    We make the most of our vacation time. It’s not every day you get to sit in a European cafe enjoying a latte. Or have the chance to do beachside yoga with no time limit. Live it up! We seek out these extraordinary experiences when we go outside our norm, why not prioritize quality moments in the everyday as well? Have a restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out? Reach out to a friend and invite them to dinner - on a Tuesday! Really interested in the new rock-climbing gym? Book a session to go learn how to belay. It’s not just about doing things for the sake of doing them but intuitively listening to what you want and making it happen.

  4. Tune-in to your body.

    Movement is an important facet of all our lives. Come vacation, sometimes it takes a backseat because there is so much else going on that you want to do. Even with our more active vacations, it’s can’t be go-go-go all the time. Tired from a full day on the slopes and the next day might be all naps, hot tubs and apres by the fire.

    Same goes for typical weeks. Listen to how your body feels. Scheduled 6 days of workouts but by day 3 feeling sore and not super into it? Tune in. Be open to how your body feels on any given day and choose to give yourself what you need versus what you think you should do.

  5. Enjoy the little things.

    Everything on vacation feels like such a treat. It’s a time when we are surrounded by novelty and our inner-child is wide-eyed and in awe of all the little things. Channel this feeling to your days. Sure, it may not be new or seem “exciting” but when you naturally surround yourself with things you love, give them your attention and there will be ample opportunities to truly enjoy them every day.

Lifestyle, TravelMarissa Yennie